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We are mixed billing practice. All new patients will be privately billed this includes all children under 16 years old, pensioners and concession card holders.

As of September 1st, 2022, All existing patients who are currently bulk billed will be privately billed. Existing patients who are privately billed now will be continued to be privately billed.

Our doctors do bulk bill all eligible patients who hold pension card and concession cards for Medicare paid services. All children under 16 years old, pensioners and concession card holders will only be bulk billed at the doctor’s discretion.

Please ensure that you provide the receptionist with your Medicare or DVA card when you attend for your consultation. If you know that you are an eligible Medicare card holder but are unable to provide your Medicare card or its details, you will be charged a practice fee. You will be able to claim your refund from a Medicare office. There is usually not an out of pocket expense.

Overseas visitors, work injury patients, services that are not Medicare rebateable, CTP claims, and expired Medicare cardholders will be charged a practice fee on the day of your consultation.

Please be advised that there will be a $30 fee payable for the transfer of medical records when patients advise they will be leaving the practice. This is to cover admin cost and for postage.

Please see below for our consultation fees: 

Consultation Type         Fee          Medicare Rebate     Out of Pocket

Standard Consultation     $85.00        $41.40                       $43.60

Long Consultation           $123.00       $80.10                       $42.90

Prolonged Consultation   $160.00      $118.00                      $42.00

For a general guide to our practice fees and Work Cover fees, please see the links below: 

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