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All child immunisation consultations are bulk billed and free for Medicare card holders.

Please see the following commonly requested immunisation schedules:

  1. For young children in NSW.

  2. High School students in NSW


For travel imunisations, please refer to the “Travel Medicine” tab.

Please click the link to access the NSW Immunisation schedule:
NSW Immunisation schedule

or the following link to access information on the school based immunisation program:
School Immunisation Program

Child and School- Based Immunisations are subject to change, please check the NSW Government Health Website for up to date schedules and further information regarding immunisations.

  • Free vaccine is only available to students who have a signed consent form and who commence the vaccine course while they’re in Year 7 or (as described in the table above) Year 9.

  • Students who miss vaccine doses due to absence on the day of the nurses’ visit will be offered catch-up vaccination at subsequent school clinics. Where this is not possible, parents will be advised that free catch-up vaccination is available at their local GP during the school year only.

  • Parents who choose to wait for their child to be older before consenting to vaccination will be required to pay for the vaccines privately.

  • Parents can withdraw consent at any time before vaccination takes place. The process for withdrawing consent is described here.

  • Click here for coverage rates for all vaccines offered to students in high school

  • Information about the vaccinations is available in 21 community languages.


Commonly asked questions regarding Immunisation History statements for school enrolments

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